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  • Currently "retired" but actively. Over a period of 30 years and during my holidays I have traveled to well over 60 countries, more than once to a number of them, and on all continents except Antarctica. I have traveled at the 'grass-roots' level, meeting the locals in their everyday lives. Rather than staying in the larger cities I have sought out and preferred out-of-the way places, even remote ones, where I have often encountered very basic conditions. I have REALLY travelled, not just been overseas.
  • I've come to understand the importance of listening to people, maintaining an empathy with them, and how critical it is to be culturally sensitive in whatever projects one undertakes.
  • I am convinced through and through of the fundamental goodness and helpfulness of people all over the world, irrespective of background, of environment or of circumstances.
  • In my Professional career I've worked as a Telecommunications Engineer for 31 years, but my empathy is with those in need or struggling, whether it be overseas, or next door, or just down the street. My view, my vision is global, but my feet are firmly based on reality, and in the training I received from earliest years where my parents had to struggle to survive and to support and educate every one of our large family. We were taught to share, to live within our means, to be accepting and to be grateful. I am eager to pass on to others the training, and the life experience, I have received.
  • And I've come to appreciate the blessings of living in a country such as Australia and the consequent responsibilities we all have in making our world a better place to live in. When we all work together, impossible dreams become reality.
  • I am active serving my local community through Kiwanis International.

David Butler's Mission:


    To empower and assist others people to build an image of what they can be, 

 of what they can become, thereby enabling them to initiate and implement changes in   their lives. They in turn are empowered to assist others. Each one becomes a winner.

To promote a global perspective: Corporate World to Family to Local Community; First World and the Developing World; each is important, and all are inter-dependent. All contribute to world peace.

 To show the importance, and the significance, of even the smallest act of thoughtfulness, often not requiring any financial cost but just a little of our time. To proclaim the continued relevance of time-tested principles and their positive effect on success in all spheres of life – corporate, community and family.


To show how each of us – without exception – can make a difference,

a Big Difference!