Life Beyond Self Doubt – Jefferson Santos

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  1. HigherLifeDesign
  2. Viktor Tejes

    Maybe It’s silly but here is my new self-achievement:

    from the university (to home) I travel by bus but to catch my bus I have
    to use public transport in the city and that can take from 15 to 30
    minutes. In the last few weeks I gave up on worrying about missing my bus (
    if I miss it I have to wait at least an hour).
    I’m saying to my self I will try to catch it and if not I’ll be satisfied
    with the feeling that i did my best.
    Well… Till then I’ve never missed my bus ???? maybe i had to run but i was
    happier & i got home earlier?

  3. HigherLifeDesign

    Self-doubt is a good thing, but letting it overwhelm you isn’t. Learn more
    about what it is and how to get rid of it by watching the Youtube video

  4. andrea camilleri

    Well said Jefferson! Keep it up on producing amazing motivational
    videos…I even included a few as my car audio!?

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