How Community-focused is Your Business?

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How Community-focused is Your Business?

Progressive businesses not only work for  their community but also with the community.

Well-run, successful businesses know the value of working for and with their communities, they know the value of being a good community citizen. Every business can make an incredible difference to the lives of many. Moreover, they NEVER lose – in fact they benefit through the good-will gained and the high standing in their communities. Success and prosperity follow naturally.

And whilst many businesses worldwide do realize the value of community focus here is an example of what one Aussie business has achieved in a few short years.

CottonOn markets designer label clothing through its 350 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and (soon) Hong Kong. And through the CottonOn Foundation the company is able to be involved first hand with projects such as constructing new schools, assisting with agriculture and supplying much needed equipment to support sustainable infrastructure in south-eastern Uganda, as well as projects closer to home including  Rainbow Riders, an amazing charity assisting disadvantaged youth through building self-confidence through care of horses, and Run Geelong, a fundraiser for redevelopment of the Children's Ward of Geelong Hospital.

Assisting a village over 12,000 kilometres away and also acting locally, the Cotton On Foundation is a good example that communities both near and afar are important and deserving of our interest and support. A key objective of the Foundation is in helping remote and disadvantaged communities around the globe. Two of Cotton On’s fundraisers, Message In A Bottle and bags, raise money for these purposes.


For further inspirational reading check out the Foundation's website at



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