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THE GREAT DEBATERS is inspired by the remarkable story of Wiley College’s winning debate team of the early 1930s. Set against the backdrop of the Jim Crow South, THE GREAT DEBATERS chronicles the journey of the Wiley College debate team—coached by the brilliant and passionate professor Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington). It was Tolson’s recognition that the power of knowledge is the greatest advantage of all, which brought these students from underdogs to victors in a time when more than the odds were against them. Now in theaters!

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  1. mstanback

    Although this is one of my favorite films and this is one of the most inspiring scenes in the film,it cannot be overlooked that this scene had a big flaw(s). First, the “Willie Lynch Letter” did not surface until the early 1990′s, before than no one knew or had any record of a Willie Lynch-That is factual information reported from the Library of Congress, National Archives as well as the Dept. of State. This film was set in 1935… there is no way Melvin Tolson could have referenced him.

  2. mstanback

    And yes, this letter is widely believed with some liable proof to be a hoax. One one to prove this is in the letter’s language-Words & Phrases used in the “Willie Lynch Letter” are modern vocabulary and had yet to become a part of the english language during the time the letter was supposedly

  3. lilgip

    wikipedia? though it is kind of reliable, it is known for having a lot of false information. you might want to read elsewhere before coming to such a conclusion

  4. btuck2

    This was a good movie! This part was deep.

  5. SpeakDaReal411

    1. Real or fake, I have to say that the Willie Lynch Letter looks pretty good as a fairly prescient piece of social forecasting regarding today’s Mentally Dead Negro Syndrome. Real or fake, I think the letter offers much validity to our present day condition and that would be obvious to any fair-minded black person’s judgment. I wish I could produce a document, real or fake, which could look as Prophetic 15 or 20 years from now as this one does.

  6. SpeakDaReal411

    2. Keep in mind that some people have asserted the Bible is fake. Yet, this doesn’t make the principles and wisdom keys found therein, any less valid. “Thou Shalt Not Murder” sounds like a damn good principle to live by be it the bible is real or fake. The Willie Lynch Letter is also a good document, real or fake, to recite and meditate upon.

  7. hypermonkey24

    That has nothing to do with this movie.

    America bash on another website.

  8. SusieArviso

    Quit crying baby. Grow up. Capitalism made this country and corporations are the fruit of it.


  9. phillydime81

    dis was the most meaningful part in the movie it was so true and touchin im so inluv with mr.

  10. rmbb10

    This was one my favorite parts in the move; a veery profound statement. Denzel did his thing right here.

  11. follarband

    denzel was very good on this movie!

  12. AtlantaSistahIsUgly

    Great Movie,One of my favorites

  13. jsussen

    amazing movie, brilliant message!

  14. kester123123

    u okay?

  15. stefanboro

    SusieArviso (5 months ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam Quit crying baby. Grow up. Capitalism made this country and corporations are the fruit of it.


    My Response:

    Posted 5 months a go. Makes a lot sense.

  16. nazikiwe

    It is amazing how the claim is always that the letter is a hoax and Willie Lynch never existed, but never are the contents of the letter even mentioned. Whether he existed or not the proof of the validity of the letter’s contents are all around us. This includes people who were not “held to serve or labor.”

    The Power of the Human Spirit is a righteous Power. The day of such things as the wl letter are rapidly coming to an end.

  17. nazikiwe

    The contents of the Willie Lynch Letter are real and valid. Regardless of whether there ever was someone named Willie Lynch who wrote a letter.

  18. amirajadid

    With record number Dropout Rates and growing youth disenfranchisement in this country – the true test of this scene is “…I…are here to help you to find, take back and keep your righteous mind”. How many of us are willing to take this challenge to save our youth. Denzel is truly gifted. The movie is timely and masterfully delivered. Thanks for sharing.

  19. violetsareblue14

    a very excellent film this made me want to apply myself more in my studies and at school

  20. bigfatspost

    isnt amazing how much bull we learn in school and then they wonder why are kids is failin teach your on kids youll basically be doing the same thing

  21. Peanutter91

    you just missed the part where he said something along the lines of its obvious that you lost yours

  22. LadeeRiRi

    Same here, it really channged my state of mind. It is a beautiful film

  23. ENDMaN18

    this is a amazing movie.
    can someone find me the “who is your opponent?” part.

  24. KDALove

    Aww they forgot the “Keep your righteous mind…because obviously you have lost it”

  25. quicktolisten

    I love it

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