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  • How our happiness and well-being are inextricably bound up with the happiness and assistance we can give to others (page 24)
  • The simple yet profound story about the starfish. – It made a difference for that one (pages 27 – 28)
  • "One person can't change the world but one person can change another person's world." (page 29)
  • The pervasive and enduring effects of Gratitude (page 36)
  • What people hear can be of more import than the actual words spoken (page 183)
  • The importance of focusing on what one DOES want (page 244)
  • This company is working to conserve a precious natural resource, is protecting the environment, educating school communities and society at large – as well as promoting its business. How? (page 295)

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A "Hand Up", not a "Hand Out" – The best ways to help others help themselves
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Bob Proctor (Bestselling author of You Were Born Rich) has this to say:

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